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Shirts tailored for demanding people who want style and the highest craftsman in its clothing

Crafts for excellence, Bespoke garment means that over 90% of the garment is handmade by artisans. In Burgos, this process is 100% handmade, ensuring a unique garment, the customer has designed together with us, a personalized garment and thanks to their high quality, will be kept in perfect condition for many years.

Made to measure

In this case, part of the process is industrial and part is artisan. Therefore, in the Made to Measure almost everything can be customized and the final garment is exceptional. This gives us the advantage to shorten the production time and lower costs as a percentage delegated in industrial manufacturing, keeping the exclusivity of a garment itself.

Ready to wear

An expression that comes from the French Prêt à Porter which means literally “ready to wear”. Garments are of high quality and timeless design which is characterized by immediacy. They are clothes that are already manufactured under standards of measurement but fit like a glove who take them, if the mark, as in the case of Burgos, is a guarantee of good work.

Our internationally renowned quality over the years has attracted international stars such as Cary Grant, Orson Wells, Ava Gardner.

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About us

Historically we represent the shirt as quality and tradition
Founded in 1912 by Julian P. Burgos and later acquired by Santiago Olave.

The iconic Camisería Burgos was founded in 1912 by Julian P. Burgos and later acquired by Santiago Olave. Historically and even today, Burgos represents the shirt as quality and tradition. For years also had a house in París. Our distinguished and wide clientele includes members of the royal family, large company owners in the country, bullfighters, actors and today, also young executives worldwide who appreciate this craftsmanship high quality. Today, in front of Burgos is Carmen Alvarez Olave, the third generation ofshirtmakers, granddaughter of Santiago Olave. Thanks to its experience of 18 in a multinational IT sector, the business has adapted to changing times, and has successfully initiated the international projection of Burgos.

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