• Reversible rain coat


    Reversible rain coat, waterproof in one side and harris fabric in the other side. Two pockets in each side, plus an internal pocket in the waterproof side. Colours  in plain wool or cashwhool, for harris fabrics check availability: [gallery link="file" columns="9" size="medium" ids="15751,15757,17127,17129,17155,17153,17151,17149,17145,17143"]   Press here to see the size chart Fill  this form for a  MTM…

  • Pajarita Frac


    Pajarita para frac, en tejido de pique color blanco, con sistema regulable para medida de cuello

  • Classic Teba Summer

    From: 371.90

    Classic Teba Jacket, regular pattern, no opens in the back. 3 external pockets, one internal pocket. Unstructured. Shirt  sleeve. [gallery columns="9" ids="15639,15637,15635,15641,15647"]     Press  here  for the size chart Fill this form for a MTM order

  • Teba Domecq summer


    Teba Jacket combined with blazer pattern, it has two opens in the back the front is rounded and has 3 buttons. It has shirt sleeves and cuffs with 2 buttons. Colores: [gallery columns="7" link="file" size="medium" ids="15647,15645,15643,15641,15639,15637,15635"] Press here to see the size chart Fill this  for a MTM order

  • Winter Sahariana


    Cashwool sahariana, 4  external pockets, one internal pocket. One open at the back. Girdle at the waist. Cuffs with buttons. Posible to order at your size.  Contact us to see available fabrics. [gallery columns="9" ids="17204,15710,15712,15725,15706"] Press here  to see the size chart Fill this   form for a MTM order

  • Classic Teba Cashmere


    Teba Jacket, regular pattern, no back opens, three external pockets, one internal pocket. No lining , shirt sleeve. unstructured. Possible to order MTM Available Colours: [gallery link="file" columns="5" size="medium" ids="15706,15710,15712,17165,15743"] Press  here  to see the sizes chart Fill  this form for a MTM order

  • Tuxedo Shirt


    Tuxedo Shirt, in cotton 100%. en algodón 100%, Marcella in breast, collar, and cuffs. 3 buttonholes. Classic collar: 7,5 cms x 2,5 cms x 3 cms . Handmade cutted and handmade finishing.

  • Teba Domecq winter

    From: 413.22

    Teba Jacket combine with Blazer desgin. It has 2 opens in the back, it is finished rounded.3 buttons, 2 buttons in the cuffs, 3 external pockets, one internal pocket. Colores: [gallery link="file" columns="9" ids="15743,17151"] Pincha aquí para ver las medidas


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