The process Made to measure or “Made to measure” Burgos is of high quality. We take measures and the customer can choose some details of his garment (shirt, Guayabera, Teba or otherwise), such as the neck, fist, or the width of a flap.

We then proceed to making the garment which termination shall be machine rather than by hand, hence the cost is significantly lower while maintaining excellent quality.

Silver Collection

The new line of shirts Burgos “Made to measure”, with the hallmark of the house. Countless fabrics, collars, cuffs and other details that you can choose, at a more affordable price.

Shirts Silver Collection: from 80 €


After shirts and Guayabera the “Teba” is the third most demanded by Burgos client . This. Garment has evolved according to the times, and today is a must in the wardrobe of any gentleman who likes the “good dressing.”

Curiously, the name of this jacket originally used as hunting jacket has its origin in the Count of Teba (son of the Duchess of Santoña) who popularized it and the story goes,

Today, it remains a comfortable garment fot excellence, more casual or relaxed usage, whose characteristics as flaps pockets, no linning and no shoulder pads, make it unique.

Burgos is probably the only place where you can find variety of Tebas, and where thanks to its line “Made to Measure” the customer can choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and other details.

Price on request: from 420 €

Preparation time: 20 days


A variety of Jackets and quality vests also have a role in Burgos. Actually, a shirt must find its ideal complement in the jacket, Our Jacket adapted to the customer anatomy, and perfectly finished are as important as the shirt, even on weekends .

Customer can choose fabric and style.Discover the Jacket “Made to measure” of Burgos.

Price on request: from 420 €

Preparation time: 20 days


The coats have been always in use, but in the past two years, have again become protagonists Street style of the main European capitals. In Burgos, you’ll find the perfect coat for you, that you accompany a lifetime. We have models with coat fabric on the reverse.

Price on request: from 475 €

Preparation time: 20 days