This is a small  selection of the products available in our store. If you are interested in any of them, please fill out the form footnotes. We will contact you. To complete the transaction.


Click on this link to view the catalog of fabrics for summer shirts. New collection for 2017, Limited Edition: Fabrics for summer Shirts (PDF)

To see the catalog of fabrics Shirts click on this link: Shirts fabric collection (PDF)


Click on this link to view the catalog of fabrics for Jackets and summer Thebes: Fabrics summer Thebes and Jackets (PDF)

To see the catalog of fabrics in Thebes and winter Jackets click on this link: Fabrics winter Thebes and Jackets (PDF)


Click on this link and you’ll know the measures table of our garments: Measures and sizes (PDF)


Teba jacket, wool fabric, cashmere or wool tweed. In summer and cool wool linen. You can choose the type of pocket (with or without lid), number of buttons, button type, with or without openings.
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Smoking shirt with front and pique collar and cuffs, poplin body. Classic neck. By size.


American disppnibles wool fabrics, cashmere wool. Tweed. Design it to your liking: With or without hombera, shirt-sleeve jacket or sleeve. Number of buttons. Number of openings.



Pijamas cotton or cashmere.


Reversible gabardine raincoat beside beige coat side, you can select the fabric from wool or tweed fabrics.



Fabric of cotton.

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